Saturday, April 26, 2008

spring sledding

Mike was good enough to take me sledding with his family on the weekend. We went out onto the bay to Tarr Inlet. This time I got to see my place from the ice! In some places the snow was so soft that we'd be up to our knees! This is definitely work trodding uphill trying to get legs to pull you up!

We packed a lunch and Mike brought a stove, which was great. My spindley arms sure had a work out on the smaller machine and I had worked up an appetite. The kids squealed their way down the hill. We had the place to ourselves! In the distance other machines would pass by but mostly it was silent, without wind or ravens making any noise.

Last night we went out to Crazy Lake so I could get familiar with driving a snowmobile again, what a blast that was. The river had stones the size of your fist suspended in the ice. The ice so clear you could see to the bottom. Mike suggested it was frozen 6-7 feet down! It was like looking through glass!

Those two small trips did earn me a suntan...make that more prominent freckles!
(In the photos Mike his daughters Sarah and Dorothy and me too)

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