Saturday, May 3, 2008

the signs are all around

The signs of spring continue to emerge. This is a picture of dirt! Yes, dirt. It is not a picture of snow, ice, or ice, snow. Those images can be beautiful, but I don't recall being quite so thrilled to see dirt!

Gardening in Ontario, running fingers through warm topsoil, the cool dampness of recently turned soil; it is these things I enjoy about gardening. So now it is time to celebrate the arctic soil.

While walking Caesar today I became aware for the first time of the sound of running stream. The stream was created by the fast thaw and runoff into a spontaneous ditch. Immediately I was reminded of the throat singers and their song celebrating the return of the river. In a somewhat haunting way the sounds of the song capture the first slow sounds of a thaw and increasing tempo brings you to the fast flowing sound of moving water.

I included this image of the road simply because it came as a complete surprise to me, having walked this route to work for three months, to discover these huge boulders. They are in place as a guard rail of sorts. The melt will continue to reveal winters secrets I am sure!

AHA something green! Look up close..yes it is green, yes it is grass! Yes!

This is my first attempt at uploading a video, which features a cameo by Caesar. I included the video so my faithful readers could share in this sure sound of spring. No lawnmowers here, no leaf blowers required, just the sweet sounds of the grader smoothing out the carnival ride of potholes and the trickle of spring runoff!


Katie said...

The dog is clearly enjoying the stream...but I'm glad there is some kind of green life happening up there.

Sexy B said...

Ya, leaf blowers , what moron invented those?

Congratulations on your grass sighting , I'm very happy for you!