Saturday, May 24, 2008

Down on my tummy...

Today we walked the hillside and the difference in the foliage in that short time was remarkable.
I found the common name of the wee tubular flower; Bearberry. The Bearberry photo (on top) shows three stages of the flower. The berry is edible and both leaf and fruit has traditionally been used as flavouring or medicinally.

The Arctic Willow shown below grows twig like branches that spread across the ground instead of vertically.

My neighbour is very knowledgeable in the many types of moss and flora that prospers here and is helping me learn the various types and their bloom periods. She has cautioned me that the difference in one day can mean missing the bloom.

The most remarkable of the mosses is Jewel moss; it's bright orange patches dress up the rocks. Today she told me that August here is autumn for the plants and in that month the hill will be deeply red with autumn colour.

Of course Caesar is happy with each outing and soon resumes his comatose state once inside for the night. The rough terrain will help prepare his feet for the coming cold season. I hope he doesn't suffer again like he did this year. Ever enthusiastic to be outside but not sure which of his feet should be off the ground or by the look on his face how he could possibly get all four feet off the cold simultaneously.

I have still not been able to capture a good picture of the snow bunting, but I hope to this season. One of the guys at work told me about the various types of mammals on the green belt tundra up the hill. I hope for a less windy day so that I may make the trip up the hill and of course a hike out to Apex along the shoreline. The summer is short everywhere but more noticeably here, missing out on a fine day would be a lost opportunity. This summer I also hope to get out to Sylvie Grinnell park, perhaps camp but definitely fish the char from the river. Thankfully the days are long and the desperation to head out and back before dark just doesn't enter my mind.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely beautiful!!
They work so hard in such a short period!

Tx for the picks!

Sexy B

Shelley said...

Sure SexyB. I know you appreciate that I brave the harsh winds to get brief moments of bloom! See you soon!