Sunday, May 11, 2008

Sunday Walkies

Today was a beautiful, mild day so Caesar and I went down to the edge of the beach. Not too beachy yet; the ice is cracking and the continuing flow of melt water beneath the snow feeds the thawing ice surface. It's tricky walking since one doesn't know how deep the snow is and does know how soft it is. A couple of times Caesar sank up to his belly in the snow and I up to my knees. The other unknown is what lies beneath the surface, often water flow, I lucked out once or twice and found terra firma beneath the slush! I was soaked! Once we got to the shore, we negotiated our way over and around the big rocks and boulders (at least they were dry!)

My walk today took me down beside the hill (upper picture to the seashore).
As we wound our way around the rocks and ice we could hear the excited sound of the dog team as they got ready for their run out onto the ice.
This photo of the dogs appears small, if you click on it to open in another window the perspective of the ice is clear. Quite by chance I was able to get the old way of dog team and the new way with snowmobile! You can see how hard the dogs are working since the snow is slushy underfoot.

Much to my surprise I came across a small group of wee black flies! I mean it's only been above zero for less than a week! Wow those are some sturdy flies!

After returning home I pulled out the camp chairs and sat on the walkway at my front door. Just a perfect afternoon for mellowing out under the arctic sky.


Anonymous said...

Rocks and Boulders?
I thought you were starting a rock garden!
Desperate times sometimes lead to desperate measures!

Sexy B

Shelley said...

Rocks do grow everywhere here!