Sunday, May 4, 2008


Today I went out to take some pictures of the quickly thawing town. Many people were walking about enjoying the sunshine.

The forecast; 1C, winds 22kph, wind chill -3.3 (point three?) and visibility 48 km. Yes, forty eight, 4 8 kilometres. Can I even see for 48 km? After a lifetime in the south, the best visibility I recall being posted is somewhere around...lemme see 16km. That's a clear sunny day across a flat landscape!

So, since it's sunny, since it's spring, since my apartment overlooks the bay, since the posted visibility is 48 km I figure - today is window cleaning day! What's the point in having an ocean view and dirty windows? Voila! Now crystal clear glass (for the season of dust is yet to arrive), an optimistic forecast and a cup of tea. I'm ready for anything the bay has to offer!

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