Wednesday, May 7, 2008

the ice the ice

This short blog is about my experience on the ice in the spring with my new ride! I was able to purchase a great machine for a great price. With my limited arctic experiences and little other experience snowmobiling; I decided to test the newly acquired tread on the ice. Great idea, weather warm, sunny, no wind (the wind is everything here..that's why I always mention it.) Mike points me to a good launch area and off I go. Over the bumps, through the slush, over the puddles, finally out on the flat ice. Well as soon as I hit the flat sea ice, I opened the throttle. Oh yah, I knew it was a good decision. The machine purred and rode nicely under my seat!

Returning to the launch area was a bit tricky. Since I didn't bother to note any landmarks and got distracted by a returning hunt team, I went too far west along the shore. Hmm, I stop, survey the shoreline and start inching my way east. Trouble was ahead, the busted up ice made for a tricky weaving drive until I got dead ended about 20 feet from the road. Mired in the slush, a kind gentleman helped me turn the machine around (me feeling a little sheepish). Zooming off I go, only to find deep cracks in the ice. Can I make it? Should I just gun it and pray for the best?

Meanwhile Mike and his girls are coming in off the ice and I walk out to greet them. Naturally I let Mike have the honour of retrieving my sled ( girly embarrassment now) and he takes her out for a rip across the ice.
It seems I was out longer than he had expected and so his eldest daughter says to me; "we thought you were dead"!
Not exactly a vote of confidence but then I hadn't earned it much. Like an undying Toronto Maple Leafs fan I say; There is always next season!
See you on the ice boys!

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