Saturday, May 31, 2008

Saxifrage and sunsets

From Big Sky and Big Water to tiny blossoms, this is the harsh wind blown land of north. The saxifrage is in bloom and the willows have gone to seed. The fire poker, stubbornly, slowly rises up through the hard ground. Slowly the season advances. The days are so long now it is difficult to tell sunset from sunrise. Too many times I awaken at an absurd hour in a panic that I have missed the start of the work day. In truth it may be 3 or 4 am and I settle back under the blankets for the alarm.

The above photo was taken moments ago at 9pm. The sunlight seems to skip and dance across the ice and snowy hilltops and off into the distance.

I did have to go to work this morning and was surprised to see that the snow that fell last night had actually stayed! But I was relieved to see the sunshine had its way with the snow and it was gone by the time work had ended.

As we were walking along the hillside a fragrant aroma reached up...underfoot was a generous patch of Labrador Tea, fragrant twigs resembling tiny spruce fragments. The entire plant can be brewed into a tea, I have heard it can be difficult on ones tummy but will try when the plant is best chosen during its season. Update to come!

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