Sunday, June 1, 2008

Jewel Moss

This is Jewel Moss. It adorns the rock surfaces and shares the space with other mosses and lichens. I find it very difficult to photograph but it adds colour to the drab landscape.

Last week it rained here, it shouldn't rain in the arctic but it does now. The morning had a scent of rain on earth and I realized I missed the smells of spring.

Ontario will receive me in a short time, hopefully the rains settle, the driving is friendly and the shops are full.
I will fill my senses with sounds of songbirds, the greenery of trees, various spring blossoms (yes I am shamelessly plucking them from the public gardens!) and the wide open water.
The visits will be all too brief; the catching up too much fun, the foods especially savoury, the shopping plentiful, and the sites and sounds will be both familiar and foreign -- it is the place that I've abandoned.

Not to worry, I love my simple place on the arctic tundra, the rugged beauty of the landscape and the man who I share it all with and I wouldn't have it any other way.


Jennith Peart said...

Amazing photos!! I would have thought that you'd still have snow up there in June - but its cool to know that you don't. I'm moving up to Baker Lake in August.

Shelley said...

Hi Jennith
There is snow around out of town, I just haven't gotten there yet! The weather is still posting wind chill values! brrr

Enjoy Baker Lake!

I'm glad you enjoy the photos!

Anonymous said...

Wow man... Far out...
You sound so mellow.
I may have to slow down a notch or two when you visit.

Sexy B