Wednesday, June 25, 2008

summer whites

This is dedicated to the whites of summer. Gardeners may recognize the different blossoms.
From the bottom; labrador tea, arctic bladder campion, arctic heather, the wee scurvy grass (I think?)and top photo is diapensia.
Things just grow smaller here!

The poppy (that's another colour scheme and not pictured here) which in milder climates may attain 12-18 inches in height, forsaking bloom duration for stature. Here the bloom seems a giant next to the smaller plants standing nearly four inches tall and last much longer.

The second plant flowers so small that I am tempted to compare it to the head of a pin.

As dog and I stroll the hillside, I am wracked with guilt and silently apologize for stepping on everyone during the short season. Dog doesn't seem to notice, instead he tippy-toes only when the ground is "too" wet for his liking.

In other news we are closer to owning our own vehicle. Sure I wanted to walk to work, I did, I still do. The perk will be heading out to the park for an afternoon of fishing, walking dog through Sylvie Grinnell Park without the long walk to the park first. But best of all will be not dragging groceries up the hill. Currently I may only purchase a couple days supply (yah friends in the south ..$80-$90) so that it is not exhausting to carry up the hill.
True courage takes place at the checkout. Will I be able to purchase a weeks worth of groceries without wincing?

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