Saturday, June 28, 2008

never ending twilight

I had never seen such a fiery sky. Truly stunning.
The show is repeating nightly for those of us willing to wait up.
Since bragging rights of living in the arctic are few, I must take this opportunity to say all the pics were taken between 10pm and 1am! Yup, still bright enough to see by!

Our first night with the "new" truck; Alan took
me touring to places too far to walk. Off we go to Upper Base. It is all uphill and the road was quite bumpy and had large holes to negotiate. Once to the top, the view was spectacular and Alan saw (I am never blessed) the snowy owl!

Iqaluit has a history of being a military base and is still used for training exercises. Often new commercial aircraft are brought here to be cold weather tested.

The other photos are overlooking the Sylvia Grinnell river and out my back window.
Near the riverbank the snow sits silently nestled between the rocks. In contrast the mouth of the river runs fast and the falls roaring .

Some things are fleeting and lasting all at the same time. The season is fleeting, the dramatic and harsh landscapes eternal. The sun has it seasons and the wind can be relenting. The constantly changing and never changing mingle everywhere. Here it cannot be mistaken or forgotten. Daily we are reminded that we are just the pawns on the land. Taking whatever comes our way.
My co worker once told me; "don't wait for a good just have to go out and do the things you want to do!" That's true for everyone I suspect!

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