Sunday, June 29, 2008

the loft

These pics are in the yellow and purple colour scheme today. From the bottom; Arctic poppy, Lapland rosebay, Moss campion, and the fourth is unknown to me at this time.

In unrelated news, my neighbour had warned me, but I didn't really take too much notice. It was only a matter of time. My time had come.... (cue spooky music)
Saturday after taking dog out for morning constitutional we had sat down to a nice weekend breakfast. Just as I was picking up my fork, I see a man cross in front of the window, stop, turn and suddenly he is entering the apartment! No, we weren't expecting guests! In walks this man, who neither of us know, the dog trots over as if to greet the stranger. I jump up hollering (he's beyond drunk) and force him out the door! Latched and locked.
He seemed to regard the dog as an unexpected and annoying presence and was resistant but not belligerent. Managing those 28 (yes I know who you are!) steps while drunk would be a death defying feat. Off he goes, I hear his foot fall on the stairs, where he went in the middle of the morning, I couldn't say.

Now this may seem unusual, probably in most places it is plus it would be considered extreme. This is Iqaluit. Anything can and does happen. Door is locked at all times! Windows over walkway sealed for the night.

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