Tuesday, July 1, 2008

like oil in water

The freighter has arrived. Lots of locals are familiar with seaside living. It's all new to me! This is the gas and oil shipment arriving. Just in time, as two gas stations were running on empty! The price is set once yearly at the price of fuel when purchased. It is moored out on Frobisher Bay and the fuel is brought to shore to large storage containers.

Ice didn't require the ice breaker this year, and broke up about 3 weeks early (over last years break up).

Last night my neighbour and I attended a concert in town which included; Bomba, Pacific Curls and Nathan Rogers. We had a great time, took a moment to warm up over a hot cup of tea and returned for the end. I had hoped to see more of the Alianait! festival, but was glad to take in the finale.

I had decided this year Canada Day would be me, my rod, my camera and the mighty river.
This is a picture of the river. It's easy to be awed by her beauty. She gladly accepted my donations of pixie spoons today. In return she offered a sunny, tempestuous windy day, but held back with the char. If I understand our relationship so far, it is me giving, her teasing (as the fish were jumping and not biting). Since nobody likes a tease, I am determined to return and claim my prize!
Happy Canada day!

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