Wednesday, July 16, 2008

just pics

Yup they're big, black and slow. At least they are slow. This gives us a fighting chance when the air is black with the northern variety of mosquito. Lots of people walk around with netting over their heads or those fun little tennis rackets that electrocute them with a satisfying "zzzzpppt".

Usually I unroll the window and let them escape, squishing them just makes a big mess.

This iceberg looks little on the bay but in reality is quite large. It dwarfs the nearby boats. This afternoon while watching it drift, I notice a small craft perhaps a canoe approach it...and it is lost alongside. By the time I've posted this the ice has broken off leaving a "small" part behind.

Below the full moon pans across the bay passing over the coast guard boat and without really rising slides west.

An old white boat sits neglected on the shore not far from the marshy cotton flower. That just seems to get fluffier and fluffier each week. Which has me wondering how fluffy will it get?

Oh behind the white boat are two ships; one is the sealift freighter with the cranes installed and the other is the coast guard.
It's true that ships pass in the night, I've never seen one move in or out of the bay, yet they change. On a quiet morning I can actually hear the purring of the ships engines.

Jennith of The Blog Bog of the Tundra
blog tagged me. Uhm so I thought of some stuff to write (Alan wouldn't play) but then I checked the few blogs I follow and realized that they have been tagged and written their bit. Sorry Jennith, guess I'll keep my secrets!

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