Saturday, July 12, 2008

Ah Summer

Don't worry, should I manage to land another fish unless it's a biggie, there won't be pictures. As it turned out my first cast grabbed me dinner. Tonight fried. Next one sushi perhaps! Hmm

This photo was taken on Saturday afternoon, I was oblivious as there was enough wind to keep the mosquitoes at bay, and enough sun to keep a body warm.

Believe it or not, the temperature reached a balmy 17C.
The sun is surprisingly warm and the air remains cool. Not a climate I'm used to, so I'm constantly amazed that I can be too warm from the sun and cool off quickly in the breeze.
The day before, while fishing, two spit my hook. Darn, one was big enough to pull out the drag and I had 'em right on the rock. True story!

Pictured above, the dwarf fireweed was growing solo up through the crack in the rock. Usually they grow in tall mounds, giving an impression of purple carpet.


Jennith said...

I've been looking everywhere for fireweed plants or seeds for my garden. Apparently no one sells them, and I had to settle for Gaura (a pretty, but lesser cousin). I'm glad to know that it grows in the arctic. :D Awesome shot!

Jennith said...

You've been blog-tagged!!

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