Sunday, July 20, 2008

air traffic

I hadn't given it much thought but over time it occurs to me that this little airport is one busy spot. Not only is there local traffic flying in from Ottawa, Montreal, Yellowknife, and the settlements, but there are foreign and military aircraft too! Lately, since it's air show season, the airport here is used as a re-fuelling stop on route to domestic and foreign air shows. Goodie for us! This past week we had Swedish jets and Canadian CF-18s escorted by the Hercules drop by for
re fuelling.

Air show fans will understand the roar those machines make on approach and take off. As it happened Mike and I were out to the river for lunch when we noticed the Canadians preparing for take off. The pilot was dropping the bubble and one jet was waiting off side.

Oh yah! We parked and awaited our own private air show. Having such a close up view (there is a sign on the fence warning of jet blast) was spectacular! One, then two then the Hercules. By the time the escort was in the air the jets were long out of view...straight up and gone!

Photo credit Canadian Airforces Cpl Robin Mugridge or go to
Sexy Jet

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