Saturday, July 26, 2008

mo' flowers

Mouse Eared Chickweed
Arctic Thrift
Bladder Campion/Fireweed
Tomorrow is the boat cruise around Frobisher Bay. It must be noted that it is a pleasure sight seeing cruise where rifles will not be on board for hunting beluga. This was one point I confirmed since the volley of gunfire can be heard all over town when the whales are being targeted. I get it that lots of people enjoy whale, but it saddens me to think it is the pretty Beluga that is served up. Perhaps if it was ugly or mean or psycho, I would be more comfortable with the hunting of whales.
With a steady hand perhaps we can get a couple of pics of the whales, seals and walrus enjoying their chilly home. (Still suffering from guilt of trying the beluga muktuk)

Since we are booked for 6 hours on the water, I will be bundling up. Having learned my lesson in Newfoundland years ago, I know that the oceanic waters are not fresh-water lakes; ideal for tanning, pleasure sailing, diving, snorkeling. It's winter out there. Pack ice still gets blown in and of course the icebergs.
Winter mitts, boots, scarf, shades and the tour operator provides survival suits (orange I hope).

This brings me to the river. Last night around 8pm one of the fishing men, doffed his shirt and dove into the river! Wowza! It isn't warm and the tide was bringing in colder salt water from the bay! Kersplash! I stood mouth gaping at the sight, the very thought of getting any part of me wet in these icy waters made me shiver on his behalf.

Hopefully I won't have to put the survival suit to the test, I can't really swim and besides drowning would interfere with fishing!

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