Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Tidal Tale

Tomorrow is Nunavut day, a day off for many. There will be a bbq featuring Muskox burgers which I hope to take in. It's great it's in the middle of the week, work a couple, have a day off, work a couple..ooooh the weekend!

Mike and I have been taking advantage of the fair weather and lunching at the riverside with rods and reels in hand. Not everyday is a winner with fish but it is great to say gone fishin' at lunch. Really who gets to say that?

As my daughter knows my fishing history is a bit sketchy, casting lots of line.. reeling in sunfish or other "catch and release" sized fish. It's all good; it's fun, it's outside, it's basically free!

Since I'm new to the tidal influences on the shoreline, the fish stock and all other tidal trivia, Mike is an excellent resource. The Friday night we went fishing, we started out at low tide and had consulted the tide tables so we knew the tide was inbound. We hike out to the farthest point and fish with the incoming tide. Sounds simple right? Sure, after a few minutes Mike says, " I think we'd better get closer to shore." Huh? Now? But we relocate. A short time later I turn to tell Mike something and ....hey "Mike you're on an island!" So we'd shuffle off to higher ground. Next point.. "hey Mike... Ack you're on an island again". You get the picture.
Thinking I was being smart I bagged my fish and secured it under two rocks in a small pool of water, apparently I had left my backpack on a nearby rock. Mike turns around.. "ah Shelley is that your bag over there?" Sheeesh the tide had really tricked me this time. My fish now surrounded by water the two rocks securing it submerged and the rock with my pack on it has become an island! Yup, no choice! Had to wade into that icy pool to retrieve both.
A short time later when we left for the night we both turn back to view our original fishing spot. You guessed it, it was gone. Completely under water!
Lesson learned. The tide moves fast.

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Jennith said...

That reminds me of hiking on the beach near Funday Provincial park - its really easy to have a fairly impressive stream form between you and the mainland while you have you attention focused on something.... I'm glad you were able to retrieve your bag - even if it did require a chilly wade. I had to do some field work this winter that required me to wade in streams in the dark and the cold. I think the worst was when I dropped my knife into the shallow but bitter stream and had to fish around blindly for it in dark... brrr.