Sunday, April 13, 2008

sashimi and the post

As it happens I got the one call I had actually forgotten about. My post office box is ready! I didn't have to do much but go down and accept the keys, of course CP has it's forms etc but it took only a minute. Now I'm a legit citizen of town!

Have been hankering for some salmon sashimi lately. What I wouldn't do for a good sushi night? Last night as I was filleting a char I asked Alan, "hey is this safe to eat raw? No parasites?" Sure he said. Voila Sashimi appetizer! Shame on me, as I was tasting it, the room disappeared, anything Alan said after that first bite was lost to me...I just stared dreamy eyed at him without any comprehension at all. I think he gave up until I had my fill.

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