Thursday, July 1, 2010

big and little, the duplicity of the tundra

teeny tiny Moss Campion

Big expansive sky, hilly tundra and vast water. Awe inspiring the tundra, but it's secret is in the smallest flowers. Maybe David Attenborough will do "the secret life of flowers". They are blatantly, overtly sexual. They hurry to blossom, each using inspired unique tricks to attract the pollinators. Arctic Poppy

Often only with the camera can you get a glimpse of their ingenuity. Too early yet for the prickly saxifrage with it's landing strip markings. Texture and sheen often aren't visible to our unaided eye. Mouse Eared Chickweed

On reviewing the pictures I usually notice a feature the plant must use to attract bugs; texture, size, colour and even the shape of the stamen.Arctic Milk Vetch

Vetch distinguishable by it's leaves and ground hugging habits, is less invasive here than in more southern climates. Therefore it's a tundra treasure, barely rising above the ground for it's brief appearance.

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