Monday, July 5, 2010

the tempest in the river

Fishing season has arrived, as they say a bad day on the water is better than a good day at the office! With the exception of pouring rain I spend lots of time coaxing out of the river what is hers.(The rain makes the rocks slippery).
I fully understand any ancient people who would worship gods of sun, sky, water, and earth. The river doesn't give up her bounty easily. Patience, skill and time are usually required....and a lure that is tempting to char.
too big for the cutting board...

Char, I've discovered or maybe all fish are very optimistic; small ones taking big lures, eating even though it's stomach is near bursting with shrimp. They are eating machines; teeth that are frighteningly sharp and numerous.

The river has a sense of humour, I discovered that today. Sending schools of minnows by, followed occasionally by a larger fish and they swim right past my line.

On the rocky river shore; the sun is shining the breeze keeping me cool (and therefore sun-burnt) the tide is high and it's a perfect day in the perfect place. It's my happy place, fish or no fish.

Rarely I post a pic of myself but I couldn't resist; this is the biggest fish I've ever caught and weighed in at 5 pounds. Yup it was tasty, yup it fed a lot of people and yup we thank the river.


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