Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Flowers and more

Mushroom pretending to be a flower.

After a full day of rain, not the nice northern misty rain, nooo a downpour of blowing rain; we decided to take pictures of the tundra.
Mosquitoes didn't take long to find us but we persevered for a couple of nice shots. Yes, I even ate a mosquito. Don't be fooled, while the plant life may be small, the mosquitoes are not.

Arctic Willow
Inuktitut name: Suputiit

Arctic Thrift
Inuktitut name: "Carnation"

Yellow Oxytrope
Inuktitut name: Airaq

Dwarf Fireweed
Inuktitut name: Paunnat
There are many plants of this pale colouring neighbouring the deep pink variety. I found them irresistible.


Jennith said...

What kind of lens are you using for your macros - the two fireweed pictures are breath-taking.

Shelley said...

I have an Olympus with a standard macro and super macro setting, nothing fancy!

Thanks Jennith