Sunday, January 25, 2009

live and slowly learn

A good friend sent me this puzzle, a great way to pass the long winter nights. I am truly an idiot with puzzles, one piece, ten minutes...uh nope doesn't piece...ten ah...can't jam it in yet...and so it goes. This one was 1000 pieces.
They are fun and so very satisfying once completed. This one is particularly beautiful with the use of colour and light and it was relaxing to build.

Frequently snow or ice crystals are forecast. Snowing here means anything including micro-snow which you can barely see, but blurs the horizon and magically accumulates to some depth. You may know it's snowing by standing outside and seeing if your coat gets whiter.

Ice crystals; until now I hadn't made much notice of ice crystals in the forecast. Then suddenly one day I coughed, or hollered or something and OWWWIE those ice crystals hurt! You can't see them. They are tiny invisi-razors when inhaled! Best inhaled through a scarf or balaclava in case you come across them in your forecast.


Anonymous said...

I really like your blog, though I don't check it too often. Great pictures, stories and more often than not, I find myself laughing or nodding in agreement, being a Northerner as well. Keep writing!!


bea3855 said...

~ ♥ ~
Ooooh, I hate puzzles - no job for me! I rather walk around Berlin :))
See my new pix in blog; more will follow.
Have a nice new week!
Snows here, too!
Greetings from Europe
~ ♥ ~

Jennith said...

The group of 7 rocks... :D