Saturday, January 17, 2009


Jennith of The Blog Bog of the Tundra has tagged me!

Since I routinely archive my photos, my 'puter didn't have six directories in the photo file. So into the archive I go...this is my sixth pic from the sixth directory in a randomly chosen flash drive. The date on the photo is September. One of many taken here of the remarkable fall colours that blanket the tundra.
At the time it reminded me of Christmas. I'm not keen on it as it is over exposed making the leaves look silvery and not as red as they should be. Voila.
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bea3855 said...

Hei dear ღ
Just saw in your Blog and - you tagged me - funny!
I will look thru my files tomorrow.
Just had a new post out today...
enjoy and have a super Sunday,
Bea ღ

Pé - Le monde en image said...

OK !! I will try to be very honest with that tag !! I find out the rule and I'm gonna try to do it properly !! Nobody never said nothing about the number, I would prefer 7 7 7 instead of 6 6 6, the first one is my wedding date in 97, the second one is a little bit devilish !! Should be on my blog tomorrow night !!

Shelley said...

shame on me the rule is find your sixth file and chose the sixth picture.

Jennith said...

Yeah.. that is the hard part about random pictures.. I didn't even take mine.. I'm dying to get it off my main page... its a horrible picture of me...

It is a fun meme though :D