Friday, January 16, 2009

sticky stuff

Mythbusters did an episode on busting the "myth" that if one were to lick a cold metal pipe in winter their tongue would stick. Sure, Canadians don't need a couple of Cali boys telling us the facts in that scenario. Probably everyone has done it at least once or coaxed a buddy into checking it out to make sure.
This week I have managed to stick a finger to an outside door handle, stick 3 fingers simultaneously to a door and the most weird stick up I had this week, was my shoe to the door jam.

The dry, frosty metal door handles and my toasty warm, moist finger make like tongue and metal and stick fast together. But the shoe? It was weird, repeatedly pulling at my foot until viola in a three stooges moment the shoe came free of the frost nearly sending me on my tush.

Lesson of the north: Tongues aren't the only thing to become victim to waiting icy metal.
Repeat to myself "Keep gloves on"..... especially when pulling doors, or starting car or setting up tripod ..well just keep em on.

-gassing up northern style


Matt, Kara and Hunter said...

I stuck my tongue to the flag pole while my parents were inside the school for parent teacher interviews!! I bet the teacher was telling them what a "special" student I was!!

Shelley said...

Too funny just like that kid in the movie "A Christmas Story"!

Jennith said...

I love the picture of the snow mobile at the gas pump.... :D

PĂ© - Le monde en image said...

OK !!! I was the kind of guy who make the other kid check it first, I don't recall having nothing stick anywhere because of the cold !! Ouch, must be very painful !! Hope you had not damage your hand !! For the picture of the skidoo and the gas pump, took me few seconds to find out wich one, BGB !!

Anonymous said...

Warrior pumps!!! I want to give them noogies!!!

This is a great photo. It is by far the best photo of an Iqalui gas station. It is also a good size. This photo is now my background.