Monday, April 6, 2009

Overnight guest

Have you ever been too frightened to move? Well this lil feller camped under our front window overnight and all the next day. He seemed friendly and healthy and even had a tagged collar. We even fed him breakfast.
Seems he found himself in a place he didn't like and sought refuge on the snowbank under my window. Question is if he was so scared how did he get up here?

What was so frightening that he didn't move for two days?
The open grating on the walkway of course.
Once lifted onto the walkway he trembled, with toes splayed like Charlie Brown taking a hit from Lucy.
Once he was back on terra firma he posted his tail high and scampered off!


HK said...

That looks an awful lot like the sweet little dog that followed me home from the hospital yesterday and looked really disappointed to see me go in the apartment! Wonder what happened to his owners?

HK said...

Oi, working nights sure messes with my head, it was yesterday morning that I got off work. And the dog just seemed lonely when I saw it.

Shelley said...

He's a friendly dog! Hopefully his ppl didn't just leave him behind. He wasn't too hungry when he hung out here. So he must have a place to go.

bea3855 said...

Hella again...
sending you some Suddenly-Summer-Greetings from Hamburg, Germany ✿
What a cute guy is this?
Hope he found his way back home?!!
Due to his collar and tag he probably has a real and hopefully good home!
Enjoy Spring ✿