Monday, April 13, 2009

what to do, what to do....

It occurs to me on each long weekend, after the initial excitement of a long weekend, that there are no road trips. No trippin down the highway to visit with friends, family or for an outing to take advantage of the fine weather. Nope, a road trip Iqaluit style may involve a 3 hour plane ride.
There are of course lots of things to do on a long weekend anywhere. Here you can ski do on the bay or the land, visit friends and family still or just hang loose and get the spring cleaning done.

This Easter weekend the Francophone centre hosted a sugar shack which included a yummy breakfast and maple syrup toffee made on the snow. I met up with Katie and Brandon for the buffet feast. There was a lot of food; Fruit, ham, bacon, crepes, french toast, scrambled eggs, baked beans, bread, croissants, sausage, coffee, juice and carrot cake! hmhmhmhmmmm!

Naturally Polar man was there to enjoy the feast. He propped up a mini polar man next to an ice inukshuk for a photo op!

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Anonymous said...

Be thankful that with modern technology, you were able to connect with folks that you may not have been otherwise able to!!
Even with a trafic clogged drive!
I am!