Saturday, January 5, 2008

ahhh the food and other things

This is what $16. got me today. As I am reminded the cost is not the kicker, having the option to even buy it is. Today most of the dairy cooler was
I have a flyer from the Snack open 24hrs;
14" sub = $15.45
A quarter chicken dark = $14.95 +$2 for white
A club sandwich is $18.00
Add delivery $6.00

OOOOOH I almost forgot, I hear there is a sushi place
not far from my hotel. God only knows how much that will be
but I will indulge once in a while.


Unknown said...

sushi place??!! I live right beside your hotel in the 5th Ave Clothing building and have only been here for two months. I have not yet heard about this sushi place. Do you know where it is?

Shelley said...

Hi Sara

In the RBC building try the Northern Lights Cafe or the Caribou Cafe. I'm not sure if it's real sushi or just california roll type dining.

Bon Appetit!

Unknown said...

i will have to check it out and will let you know!!

Anonymous said...

Those food prices are like Vancouver on 4/20.