Tuesday, January 1, 2008


Anonymous said...

Hi Auntie: I like the pictures and the list.:P

Shelley said...

Thanks Mike. Glad you took the time to look. Happy New year!


jen said...

Hey Shelley,
Welcome to the north Is this your first time North? The worst part for me as southern Ontarian girl moved north was the summer, nothing about 15C!
I am going to link you up on my blog and continue to check out how your adventures are going.

Kennie said...

Welcome to the North Shelley! And kudos to you for making the move up here! Get set for an adventure.

Shelley said...

Thanks Jen. I had worked a couple of weeks in Yellowknife in July and don't know how long sunny days will affect me. I don't think they golf here, so no benefit on the late tee offs!

Shelley said...

Hey Kennie

Thanks for the warm welcome!