Thursday, January 3, 2008

the working girl -Qikiqtaani Hospital

Since I've started work, I haven't had time to take any new pics.
Work is good, a nice crew I look forward to the year ahead.

The best food in town is without a doubt the hospital cafeteria! For $12 you can feast on unlimited salad bar, entree (today tasty lasagna), soup, coffee or tea! Since it is too much for me to eat at one sitting I will be investing in containers to provide me with supper too!

Tonight I decided I would walk home from work, problem ; do I take the high road or the low road? Of course I chose the high road, twenty minutes later I am lost. The fantasy that I die on the side of the road surrounded by people runs through my mind. However, asking the occasional passer by gets me to the desired destination. For my friends in the south, thirty minutes walking around at -36C (posted windchill - 51C) is not for the faint of heart. But this does not dampen my determination to walk when possible. Once my cheeks had warmed up at the store I continued on homeward. Whew!

Street names here are treated with some kind of casual inconvenience....even the long timers don't know the street names, they rely on the numbering system. For example the housing is developed in rows of sequential numbers.....2700s or 40s etc. This will be a cinch to pick up! There are roads referred to as the road to nowhere and the second road to nowhere!

Tomorrow is Friday and the short week will draw to a close. I will sleep like the dead! Hope to get to the bank, the movies and the market on Saturday. Mom would be proud of my pink cheeks!


Yulaine said...

I am enjoying your entertaining commentary. The weather channel is nothing compared to your report. Toronto reached its coldest today at minus 15 or 16? - my walk here in the banana belt was a measly 15 minutes!
This is great fun.

Shelley said...

Thanks Elaine. I was hoping to get some more pics this w/e but it doesn't look like the wind will die down.

Anonymous said...

You shall be known as Shelley the Intrepid at our house from now on!