Monday, January 14, 2008

what's all the excitement about?

The address is Longview for the beautiful long view of the bay! I was so excited that I took it even though it is tiny and I'm not sure what I'll do with all my stuff. As it goes here, my furniture is sitting in Ottawa, and there isn't a stick of furniture to sit on. Of course the GN (govt Nunavut) will rent me furniture, include moving it in and out. To appreciate the view, click on pic to make larger. Caesar and I will struggle to prepare a meal together as that's what he likes to do. Of course my stunning view includes a steep long set of stairs! Well worth the climb!

In other news; Alan and I went to social dance club! Ballroom! Meringue! Good gracious, I am a total spaz, however the instructors were great and the male partners outnumbered the female ones, so I didn't frustrate one guy too much!

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Anonymous said...

You could be the neighbourhood watch person with that view!
What a beauty!