Friday, January 4, 2008

Warm welcome Arctic style

Today work and the government offices closed early due to inclement weather. Us folks from southern Canada (you know who you are!) throw the word blizzard around recklessly. It gives us a great sense of drama to describe the blizzard we navigated to get the milk or kids. Now I know. Shame on me.
This is a blizzard
The wind is relentless. Temperatures already at -32, add the wind blowing down at 40km/h and gusting at 60km/h to yield a windchill of -52 or -60C and what you get is a blizzard.

Miraculously the ravens are singing (yes that racket is a song), they co operate and share each others space to survive. One day my blog will be all about Ravens, they fascinate me.

Even as I sit in my warm room, with all the amenities of home I marvel that there exists a culture which prospered here!

I tried to take pics and had a great system, wherein my fingers were only exposed for the shortest possible time to press the shutter. Didn't work. Too cold. One pic. Sorry. It's even blurry. Damn.

I don't know when things will re open, the email was vague stating "until further notice". hmm.
Should the wind slow tomorrow I hope to run my errands with camera and lots of batteries. Stay tuned!

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Anonymous said...

Blizzard eh? So would say it's nippy, or cold? Just kiddin':)Keep on treking Intrepid one!