Tuesday, January 22, 2008

moving or is it re - moving?

Since my move to my view-tastic one bedroom, I have found out that the Utilidor is actually similar to a sewage system, thank goodness. I'm on the utilidor, no tanks, no thanks.
Yesterday my stuff arrived. Pics to follow. Poor dog can only go forwards or backwards, no room for turning around! I continue unpacking and was dismayed to find several damaged items in the first few cartons I opened. Most notably the glass on several framed pictures was shattered.

On a brighter note, we did not miss the dance class Monday, thankfully it was the Merengue again, so at least I stood a small chance of comprehension! Still no rhythm, but that's asking for a miracle!

Raven landed on the railing with a THUMP. Honest, I could hear it land inside the apartment!
With luck the internet qizmo arrives today and I can update the pictures and continue the momentum on this site. Until then...stay warm!

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