Saturday, January 5, 2008

A couple of shots of the Ravens. Yes I capitalize them as they deserve it. To compare, I saw a small dog or fox running around today. These birds are double it's size. I don't know how large their wingspan is but they are an imposing site. They gather in the sunny "warm" places to rest and you will often see them flying after dark. Dark here starts around 3pm. As evening approaches they pair up and snuggle together for the night ahead. This past summer Cindy and I saw and heard the southern raven, those look like big crows and I referred to their song as a cuckoburro...whatever that is. These would put them to shame. I understand they are smart and have heard how they team up to torment and distract a dog in order to steal it's food. Their beaks can penetrate a garbage can lid. Perhaps I can find a book of native folklore about the Raven as it is a popular story icon.

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Anonymous said...

Love the lighting in the pics! Catch a raven and train it to steal food for you! ha ha