Sunday, January 27, 2008

can't be that cold

This is for my daughter, to see Caesar in his new home. He keeps his feet moving, that way they don't get sooo cold. Again these were taken in front of my apartment. At the bottom of the hill on the shores is the graveyard. The rough ice created in it's moments of rising and splashing. I always think that it looks like meringue on top of a pie.

Last night Alan and I went to his friends for an evening of movies and company. It was a nice crowd, I find most people here friendly, always offering a handshake and smile. It ain't Toronto (torano preferred pronunciation) for sure.

AH Stats Can found me, apparently they process the housing and not the person, since I am new to this place, they will follow my employment over the next couple of years. Crazy job they have, after working here they are off to Arctic Bay! I don't even know how far north you have to be to get Arctic in you name! The interview went very well. After working for ever and paying into the tax base since I was merely a baby, I got my reward yesterday. Yes, Stats Can drove me to my destination. Thank you tax payers...hey I guess I mean; thank me!


Anonymous said...

Awww, look at my puppy going on adventures!

jen said...

There are a few blogs linked off my page of some people living in Arctic Bay. They are apparently STILL without sun...eeek!!!
Tales from the arctic
The house and other arctic Musings
Way Way up
All in Arctic Bay, Awesome blogs too!

New add ons look great! Cute puppy too!! I need to get mine out for more walks, but he pulls at the leash, I feel like a sled! :)

Anonymous said...

Caesar looks romantic, trotting off in to the sunset/sunrise?

Shelley said...

Poor fella, could barely keep his feet on the snow long enough to finish business this morning. Pic taken well after sunrise around 10 am.