Monday, January 7, 2008

it must be monday

This evening was to be very rewarding I got some errands completed after work. I got some grocerys. Mostly I was very excited that tonights meal would be a stew! I carefully chose some beef, potatoes, carrots and an onion, nice loaf of bread too. As I braved the -52 windchill on
the short walk home, I had only the aroma of onion and beef on my mind.

Once I start to prepare the beef, slowly and quite frankly I unwilling realized it was rancid. Sure it was green on the inner cuts, sure it stank. But stew!
Now I'm pouting. I did buy bacon to sweeten the stew and could throw together an evil bacony yummy dinner, but for now I pout.

(It doesnt'matter any more but add in a couple of oranges and an apple sized turnip and the bag cost me $46.00.) I would pay double that for my stew! Hmmmph


Anonymous said...

Sounds like the roast I bought and forgot in the fridge!

Anonymous said...

Those food prices are like Vancouver on 4/20.