Friday, January 11, 2008

the night life

It was to be girls night out, wing night! Wings a sports bar great idea. I met Allison at the Storehouse and found it to be a great sports bar; big screen t.v. (hockey showing), pool tables, dart boards, bar and choice of tables! Allison was seated at the bar when I arrived, so I ordered a beer and wings. We chatted while the food was prepared. Whoa, I can see her breath! No kidding. This is a first, we were indoors! Apparently too near the back door which I swear only closed long enough to be re opened. No miniskirts, pretty shoes here. I donned the parka, guzzled the beer and finally I said " my feet are numb". It was a short night. Next time we hijack the seating at the fireplace!

Alan and I took in the movie last night; "Golden Compass" then home for stew! yeah.

It took a week but I did remember my camera and the memory card today.

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