Saturday, January 12, 2008

dog day!

Hooray Caesar dog arrived. He is in fine form, clearly tired and one weirdly broken toenail. But he's here! First steps off the plane, he doesn't know which of his four very cold paws he should lift off the snow! He'll work something out.

In other news I finally relented and purchased goggles. Clear ones not available, so I'll be sporting the yellow ski goggles. This is the fix for the permafrost on my glasses when I walk.
Scarf up over my nose, hood down over my forehead, now goggles to ensure a frost free walk. This is practically the official uniform of the north!


Anonymous said...

I am so glad Cesar arrived safe and sound!
He's looking all shiny and regal or maybe he's just looking for his food bowl.
Are there many dogs around? Dog sledding maybe? Rent the movie "Kevin of the North" (1 star comedy, 2001) "Kevin" hooks up odd dogs for his dog sledding competition from Anchorage to Nome Alaska. - there was even a poodle.
- Elaine

Shelley said...

Hi Elaine

There are lots of dogs, all types but the mistreatment of them is shocking. So people here are generally afraid of dogs.

I will look up the movie and will take more pics of the hospital graphics. It's very brightly painted too. My brother has asked for more architecture photos and a woman from SB has asked for pharmacy photos. I'll be busy!

jen said...

lol what a handsome puppy! I know it's sad seeing all the homeless dogs around town. If it wasn't for my husband I probably would be adopting eleventeen hundred dogs.

Anonymous said...

MY PUPPY!!! I'm glad he's there ok.

But I was going to send you goggles with your recker!