Thursday, January 24, 2008

dancing walrus

This is a pair of walrus which we purchased. They represent a fine skill in carving and creativity. The larger one now has a home with my sister. Wally arrived in good shape in the care of Canada Post. The smaller one is carved in one piece, both have tusks made from caribou antler. The art here ranges from stunningly beautiful carvings, graphics; water colours, stitch work on felts and the women even create small doll sized amautis ( a style of coat which accommodates a child in the hood). I have seen whisker earings, tiny mitts for keychains, the variety is endless. It is difficult to decide where and when to spend the money. I hope to acquire a pair of kamiik (boots) fashioned from sealskin and caribou (sorry Leslie) The work on every pair is unique and well crafted.

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